Elite LOLZ at Yelp’s Foolproof April Foolery in Minneapolis!

Twin Cities Elite yelpers laughed their little hearts out this week at Yelp's Foolproof April Foolery, hosted by the hilarious HUGE Improv Theater in Uptown!

As more than 100 yelpers gathered in the lobby, they were greeted by some of the city's most amazing mom-and-pop shops that all popped up for the occasion. After treating their bellies to such stellar food and drink and playing find-that-April-fool, Elites were then invited to an exclusive performance of Show X by an all-star cast from HUGE. This non-profit improv theater puts on shockingly-affordable comedy shows six nights per week, so now you never have to sit around deciding how to spend your date night.

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No foolin'—Show X was SO. YELPIN'. FUNNY. Ellen R is almost sorry she loved it so much: "Apologies to those who saw me at the end of the night as I staggered out of HUGE with mascara streaked eyes (laughed so hard I cried) and an amalgam of ice cream and chicken wing-stained mouth." 

Gai Gai Thai Mobile Kitchen is partially to blame, since they were serving those irresistible signature chicken wings that made quite the impression on everybody. Meghann F says, "Best wings ever? I think so. Time to start stalking them around town!" And Amanda Wthoroughly freaked out over those Gai Gai pies. The pastry was so crisp and rich, and the filling was like a Thai pot pie." Did you know that Kris from Gai Gai was debuting those veggie curry pies for the first time ever? 'Tis true. And you can grab some Gai Gai goodies from him at Patisserie 46 on Thursdays during lunch and all throughout farmers market season!

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And sweets didn't take a backseat at this party. Carrie from Crema Café (home to Sonny's Ice Cream) wheeled her ice cream cart a few short blocks from their Lyndale location and served up frozen scoops of joy. Elites couldn't get enough of their pistachio brown butter, salted caramel and blood orange sorbet. Catch Carrie at the farmers markets come summer and, of course, serving up ice cream, brunch and dinner over at Crema all year long!

The lovely Betsey from Cake Pop Ladies also brought Yelp-bursted cake pop lollipops for the crowd. Holy cuteness! This dessert caterer takes special orders for now… but there may be some exciting news to come from them soon! 

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On the beverage front, yelpers enjoyed a local wine tasting hosted by husband-and-wife duo Kyle and Katie from Roggenbuck Estates Winery. Oh, and beer too? Yep. Elites sipped tall boy cans from Tallgrass Brewing Company. They brought brews that ran the gamut from stout to IPA, including their Buffalo Sweat, 8-Bit, Halcyon Ale and more!

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Many thanks to Wing at Canary Grey PhotographyIntern Liz, the HUGE cast and all the sponsors who helped put this foolish evening together—and, of course, to everyone who attended! Also, congrats to my Oprah-moment winners who took home bear masks and Rainy Day Superhero Kits that'll both be really useful for those April showers to come, right?

Make sure to check out the five-star reviews of the event on Yelp and the pictures from Canary Grey on Flickr for more party fun. And if you're interested in becoming part of the Elite Squad, let's talk!

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Annie D

Twin Cities Yelp Community Manager