Yelp’s Pi Day Par-tay in Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City yelpers had the perfect equation for a successful Pi Day celebration (y'know.. 3.14) on Wednesday March 14th. A Pi Day Par-tay! It started by gathering at Pierpont Place, the city's premier event venue in downtown SLC. You can't spell Pierpont without Pie, and this urban and chic space was the perfect place for the party.

Salt Lake City Pi Party Collage1

It was a celebration of all things circular and sliced, so there were plenty of pizzas and pies on hand. Sicilia Pizza brought a Mediterranean flair, Spedelli's handed out mustaches and might good slices of pizza, Surefire Pizza lit up their mobile pizza oven and Pie Hole handed out heaps of hot pies and brought along their Ms. Pac-Man machine for fun. Sweet Home Chicago Pizzeria also sent along some generous gift certificats. The Dodo delivered tastes similiar to their famous Tollhouse Pie, Penny Ann's Cafe fed revelers with killer dessert pies, and Temple Square Hospitality had six different sweet pies on hand to sample. Bohemian Brewery kept the cold suds comin'.

Salt Lake City Pi Day Collage2
Salt Lake City Pi Day Collage3
With DJ Rob from Life Of The Party Entertainment keeping up the good tunes and the folks from Snow Lizard Products running a good game of Toss It In Your Piehole for prizes, there was lots to do. Sammy's Cafe (pie shakes, anyone?) came up from Provo to help provide live music in the soulful form of Mr. Ryan Innes on the piano and behind the mic.

Salt Lake City Pi Day Collage4

To capture the fun, Deb Dekhoff from snapped shots of the crowd, and the pros from ShutterBooth Utah set up shop to get pics of peeps and their Pi Day pals.

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Once everyone had their fill of pie and pizza and the prizes had been given away, there was only one more thing to do to properly punctuate the end of Pi Day. Let's let these photos speak for themselves!

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Until next Pi Day,

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 Jeffrey "Lord of the Pies" S

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