Yelp’s Be Gold, Get Gold Event @ Tulalip Resort & Casino

It takes 5 long years of Eliteness to brandish a shiny gold Yelp Elite badge, so why not celebrate those devoted golden yelpers with a special event just for them? After so many useful, funny and cool reviews it was high-time the Seattle Yelp Community honor those who've been at it the longest. And what better place than at a fancy schmancy casino and resort?

The Tulalip Resort & Casino is located about 40 miles north of downtown Seattle, and when they heard about our golden crew they knew exactly what to do… Charter a luxury bus and round 'em up! Saving on mileage, time and money, 50 lucky Elite members met up at the Northgate Mall to pile into a cozy bus. No sooner had the guests taken a seat and they were offered a choice of beer, red or white wine, and even non-alcoholic options. While taking the short ride north guests were offered a guided tour of the resort property, an abbreviated tour of the Tulalip tribal lands and a history lesson on the Tulalip people who inhabit the area. Sounds awesome right? Wait till we actually get to the party!

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After unloading an official grounds tour began. Taking members through the pool room and various spacious ballrooms each and every guest was offered a private tour of the Tulalip's T-Spa alongside 20% of coupons for use on a return visit. After seeing the saunas, steam rooms and more, it was time to get down and party. Showing us one of their finest suites, the Tulalip Resort team hosted everyone in the 2,500 sq foot Tulalip Suite. Complete with a full kitchen, baby grand piano and views for miles, it was one sweet suite! Fitting our 50 guests with ease, everyone enjoyed small appetizers and champagne prepared onsite by Chef Gerry.

And what better way to follow food than by following it with more, and even more food? This day-long event then featured a tour of both onsite restaurants, Blackfish and Tulalip Bay. At each stop guests were treated to a different course and a meet and greet with Chefs David and Dean. Oh, and did we mention that wine was paired with each of these courses as well? Cheers!

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Rounding out the night a dessert course by Chef Nikol was offered up at Tulalip's Mpulse Lounge. To pair with the variety of sweet treats guests were topped off with a final glass of sweet Port. And just as the event came to an end everyone was given $10 to gamble their hearts out and test their luck! Opening up some gaming tables with 'funny money' to start, anyone who wanted a blackjack lesson was treated to free play until they felt comfortable to gamble for real. Many Elite members cheered as they won as much as $100 during the free hour.

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Hopping back on the bus to bid farewell, Kevin C won a raffle prize and was invited to return for a free night's stay! Congratulating him on his win, tired Elite members sat back in their cozy bus seats to find big swag bags full of goodies and thank you cards. Shouldn't we be thanking Tulalip for all of the fun? What an event! 

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Hope to see you at the next Seattle Elite Event!


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Katy H
Yelp Seattle Senior Community Manager