Manhattan Elites Roll With Dos Toros!

Two taquerias. Six sessions. One hour each. And a whole bunch of beer, burritos and belly laughs as New York's finest Yelp reviewers passed behind the glass and learned the fine art of the burrito roll behind the scenes at NYC's coolest Mexican joints: Dos Toros Taqueria.

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This double dose of Dos Toros took place uptown at Dos Toros West Village (11 Carmine St) and Upper East Side (1111 Lexington Ave) locations simultaneously where each hosted a series of three hour-long sessions where our hosts – brothers Oliver and Leo – taught us about their locally sourced and fresh ingredients, detailed what makes one burrito better than the other and took us through a hands on course in filling, folding and foiling the perfect gut-busting burrito.

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Check out the photos of yelpers aproning up and putting their knowledge to practice before feasting on their finished product over beers. If you were one of the lucky students, be sure to leave your review of the event right here.

And until next time, SYOY!

Jane K

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