An African Adventure to Buka!

Last night the best of Brooklyn Yelp was welcomed with open arms for an African Adventure at Buka New York, an awesomely authentic Nigerian restaurant on Fulton St. in Clinton Hill.

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NYC Yelpers knew the heat was on when they walked in and were treated to the spicy ginger Buka Mojito made with Starr African Rum, the ultra-premium light rum handcrafted in Mauritius. This socially and environmentally responsible spirit tastes like the island paradise it comes from and the mojitos knocked Melanie B's socks off: "Holy ginger, Batman!"

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But Buka New York was just getting started. Serving up the best Nigerian cuisine in NYC, anyone who took a taste knows that Buka's kitchen is slinging spicy, flavorful, and unequivocally African eats! If you've never been to West Africa, this Fulton Street spot is the closest you can get. Kenny C can see why they are famous for the chicken pepper soup: "I loves me some spicy!" If you can handle the heat, drop by and take a chance on some suya, akara, moimoi and more!

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While everyone enjoyed the food and drink, the No Small Money Brass Band, inspired by the rhythms of Africa and the Caribbean, rocked out. With talented musicians on all instruments (my man on the trombone was a monster!), they had yelpers moving to the groove. 

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Whether or not you made it out, make sure you check out all the photos courtesy of Madison McGaw, and what people are saying in reviews and on Talk

Peter D
 and the rest of the NYC Yelp Team