Making Check-Ins More Meaningful

A check-in is a simple way to keep tabs on where you’ve been, broadcast to your friends where you are, and discover more about other people in your community. After a couple of check-ins at a business you are given the title of “Regular” and if you have the most check-ins there you become the Duke (or Duchess).

To better match our real-world experience, and make the titles of Regular and Duke more meaningful to you and the businesses you frequent, we’ve made a few updates:

  • You still have to be a repeat visitor to a business to be a Regular there, but yelpers who have visited a business more frequently and more recently are given a higher Regular ranking.
  • The Regular ranked #1 now earns the business’ Dukedom crown, not just the person with the most check-ins there all-time.

This means that if you start visiting a business more than others it’ll be easier for you to move up in rank and get the Dukedom. This also means that Dukes or Duchesses who stop checking in can be more easily challenged for the throne.

We hope you love these changes as much as we do. To learn more about these changes visit the Yelp FAQ.