Giants vs Patriots? Wings vs Nachos? No, no, Wings *and* Nachos

Super Bowl XLVI is set to be the most urban Super Bowl in the event’s 46 year history and downtown Indy has transformed from Naptown to a 5 star Snaptown! While the official champion title will go to either the Giants or the Patriots, we wanted to give everyone heading to Indianapolis for the big game a fair chance at becoming a winner when navigating the city. Whether a local or tourist, we have a feeling this Yelp guide will have you doing a touchdown dance of your own!

Finding your way around:

  • Pro tip: Parking downtown is sure to be a nightmare, so why not park in an outlying neighborhood and catch the free bus to Super Bowl Village? There will be 5 free buses running Thurs., 2/2 through Sat., 2/4, from 10am to 2am, which will circulate 4 downtown neighborhoods. Each bus comes complete with a guide from the community that is also drilled in all things Yelp, meaning they can help you find any of these places and more via our Yelp Mobile apps.
  • Bikes! Indianapolis is a great biking city with designated bike lanes everywhere and completely flat streets. You can rent bikes at The Indy Bike Hub.
  • When you gotta go… While Pats fans may be tempted to sneak into the lobby bathroom at The University Hotel (where the Patriots players are bunking up), our vote goes to our own Indianapolis Colts Grille, which is complete with a mirrored one way window above the urinals so the guys won’t miss a moment of the game.

Best places outside of Lucas Oil Stadium to watch the game:

  • The Yelp Indy Elite Lounge is open to the public (21+) and is a great place to chill while escaping the masses. With HDTVs, wifi, a Bloody Mary & beer bar, corn hole, foos ball & snuggies, this is your high five haven!
  • Care to watch the game with locals? The Dorman Street Saloon is just like your Uncle’s basement — complete with house pepper-infused Bloody Mary’s and TVs bigger than the bar.
  • So you don’t have a ticket to the game? Yeah, neither do we. If you want to watch the game in the shadow of The Drum, Spencer’s Stadium Tavern is across the street. If you’re a Pats fan, word on the I-70 is that fleets of RVs are on their way to pack this bar full of fans that aren’t in the stadium.

Indy must-dos:

  • As part of the Super Bowl legacy project, 46 murals have been painted around town. Our favorite? The Kurt Vonnegut Mural: a 3 story ode to our hometown hero.
  • Did you know, next to D.C., Indy has the most memorials in the country? Start at the Monument Circle to grab a bite at one of the great food trucks, then work your way north through the War Memorial and to the American Legion Mall.
  • The Batali sandwich at Goose the Market has been rated as one of the best sandwiches in America. When will you be back in Indy? You don’t know do you… now you know what to do. Go. Now.

While we’re happy to host some of the biggest Giants and Pats fans out there, we know not everyone is able to make the trek to Indy for this time-old rivalry. Never fear, my colleagues in New York and Boston have pulled together the best places to catch the game, grab some grub and talk some smack in their respective cities. Check it out here!