Yelpers Turned Party Animals at Yelp NC Triangle’s Toga Party

Saturday, the newly minted Triangle Elite Squad headed to NC State's staple bar — East Village Grill & Bar — to celebrate in the centuries-old college tradition: TOGA! TOGA! TOGA!

Wrapped in bed sheets (fitted and flat!), snuggies, and robes, while donning laurels, golden accessories, and goblets, Elites truly did give off quite the regal aura…

Just as it was in college, free food and beer is the quickest way to fill a room, and our expertly fantastic hosts at East Village did not disappoint… from bottomless chicken wings, to every dip imaginable! They also built in some of our favorite local breweries — FOUR of 'em: LoneRider, Triangle Brewing Company, Natty Greene's, and Roth. Not to mention Monster Energy + Firefly mixers to keep the party going all night! Dessert was provided by Gigi's Cupcakes — in the form of towering treats. And ensuring every guest 'scored' that evening, the good folks at Gigi's made sure everyone took home some sugar! Did we fail to mention the showers of EV, Triangle Brewing, Firefly, and Monster Energy swag?? Tees! Hats! Mini flashlights! More!

Proving (once again) that nobody parties quite like yelpers, our crowd took the ice breaker to heart and mixed and mingled in a variety of college classic "sports" (flip cup, anyone?!) — all in a quest to claim Olympic gold (and some amazing prizes, including a $50 gift certificate for a return visit to East Village!).

Toga3 Toga4

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Hazy Memory?
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Tremendous thanks to the support of the stellar staff at East Village, especially event planner-extraordinaire Kara; and to our MANY amazing sponsors for making this an exceptional kick-off to Yelp Elite 2012!

As for you yelpers — thanks for the trip down Memory Lane!

Christina G
Yelp NC Triangle Senior Community Manager