Yelp Chicago’s Bringin’ Classy Back

Are you overwhelmed with all the stress of the modern day? Do you yearn for a simpler time, when drinks were strong, service came with a smile, dark woods adorned the room, and there was meat as far as the eye could see? Sullivan’s Steakhouse heard the Yelp Chicago Elite Squad’s plea for relief and showed it to them at Yelp’s Classic Throwback.

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Now any classic Chicago event has to center around the grand-daddy, er, cow of them all: steak. And, Sullivan’s served it up beautifully. The star of the evening was the Beef Tenderloin Carving Station served with pretzel rolls & horseradish cream sauce. Astonished Elites swooned over the melt-in-your-mouth-beef. Just in time for Chinese New Year, the Cheesesteak Eggrolls had guests all a’flutter, as well. Proving that they can create more gastronomic greatness than just beef, Sullivan’s also doled out Shrimp Cocktail, Asparagus in puff pastry with a garlic cream cheese and Smoked Salmon. The eating portion of the evening ending on a sweet note with decadent cheesecake bites. Chicagoans don’t do hungry.

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They don't do thirsty either. While some Elites were very satisfied with the heavy pours of red and white wine or bottles of ice, cold beer… many more were knocked out by Sullivan's signature cocktail, The Knockout. Served in a martini glass, this elixir of orange vodka-infused pineapple and (pixie dust? Magic?) other secret ingredients took the event to the next level as Elites found their new signature beverage of the night. Or, month.

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But what really sets a classic Chicago (and, classic Elite event) apart is service. GM Keith Sansone greeted guests, served food, shook hands, shot the breeze, and made every invitee feel like the most important VIP in Chicago. If that wasn't enough, he raffled off a private dinner for 20 lucky Elites, doled out $50, $100 and $150 gift certificates to eat at Sullivan's and made sure everyone else who didn't win left with a gift card for $25. The Chicago way just got a lot tastier. Taking photos of the beautifully redone wood walls, walk-in wine cabinet and Yelp burst ice sculpture was Jen Pagonis. View what her lens captured here. Guests took to the written word here.

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Whatta way to start the year,


Johnny T