South Bay-Peninsula Elites Celebrate in Casual Style @ Sonoma Chicken

The South Bay-Peninsula Elite Squad celebrated their first Yelp Elite Event of 2012 at Sonoma Chicken, located in Campbell. As the name indicates, this local favorite is known for serving up delicious bird in a casual atmosphere, perfect for a cold, rainy Monday night in the South Bay.

Sonoma Chicken 1 Sonoma Chicken 2 Sonoma Chicken 3 Sonoma Chicken 5

Upon arriving to the venue, Elites and their +1's were greeted by the lovely Courtney M, who helped check everyone in and gave away Yelp Elite watches, the coveted digital gift for everyone on the Squad. Once inside, there was a giant tower of red velvet, Oreo and carrot cupcakes provided by Frost, which yelper Denise L described as "bites of heaven." Hey, why not start with a dessert? For those that weren't big on sweets, Sonoma Chicken had a never-ending buffet of homestyle food to choose from, including their famous rotisserie-style chicken, pasta, green beans, mashed potatoes, apple salad and foccacia bread. As Jessica J said, "Sonoma Chicken Coop DID US RIGHT!"

Sonoma Chicken 4 Sonoma Chicken 8 Sonoma Chicken 7 Sonoma Chicken 9

Campbell Brewing Company had plenty of their in-house beer for guests to sample, includinHefeweizen, Porter and Starbock. Not to be outdone, Pisco Porton mixed up a batch of 1684 punch, an original recipe that incorporated St. Germain, agave nectar, St. Germain and sweet red grapes. "Such a refreshing libation! cheered Cat V. Also on hand was Coterie Cellars, a local winery, pouring their Pinot Noir, Syrah and Roussane, their signature unconventional white wine that won the hearts of many guests. 

Sonoma Chicken 10 Sonoma Chicken 11 Sonoma Chicken 12 Sonoma Chicken 15

If eating and drinking themselves silly wasn't enough, Elites also played Yelp-O, our own little version of Bingo. It was an opportunity for everyone to socialize with yelpers that they may not already know. Plus, winners received custom Yelp pint glasses, perfect for Campbell Brewing Company's beer or just to take home and use later 🙂 Margo G said it best about the activity: "I liked this game because it forced people to mingle which doesn't tend to happen all the time. I met new people, got reacquantited with others and had an all around good time." Couldn't have said it better ourselves, Margo!

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Read all of the 5-star reviews here and the event pics on Flickr. More good times to come for the South Bay-Peninsula Elites. Until then, SYOY!

  Sonoma Chicken 18

Abby S, Community Manager