Salt Lake City Elites Screw Their Resolutions At Sweet Home Chicago Pizzeria

This was the year. The year you were going to drop some weight, work out, eat right and drink less. Ya, right. Those resolutions are broken before the New Year's party confetti hits the ground. To celebrate the inevitable, Salt Lake City Elites gathered at Sweet Home Chicago Pizzeria to throw those goals out the window and screw their resolutions.

Salt Lake City Jan Elite Collage 1
Sweet Home was the perfect host, dishing up plate after plate of pizza, including their specialty stuffed selections. They even had a "Guess the Weight of Our Stuffed Pizza" contest and gave a gift card to the lucky winner. The weight? Nine pounds, two ounces! Apps, salad and dessert ensured Elites walked away with no chance of losing weight.

Salt Lake City Elite Jan2012 Collage2
The bar poured Long Island Iced Teas (439 calories each) and White Russians (343 calories) and not a single diet drink was available. There were plenty of prizes designed to bust those resolutions wide open. Want to spend more time with family? Here's a movie pass for one. Get in shape? Use this shake weight. Read more? How about a Bieber book. And everyone got a pair of the Yelp fingerless gloves (touch-screen compatible) so they can spend even more time on their phones in 2012.

Salt Lake City Elite Jan2012 Collage3
Salt Lake City Elite Jan212 Collage4
With bellies full and resolutions broken, the pressure to keep the doomed goals was gone. The photos and reviews seem to convey the happiness that comes from guilt-free (and goal-free) living. Besides, you've always got 2013.

See you next time!

Jeffrey "Resolution Killer" S


Yelp SLC Community Manager