Chicagoland Elites Know How To Tap That (Pirate) Booty!

Avast ye, Yelpers! The Chicago 'Burbs Elite squad kicked off the first big bash of 2012 at Tap House Grill's newest location in Highwood with a cannon-worthy bang. Dressed to impress, pillage and plunder, 75 pirate pals and prisoners (er‒ plus ones) set sail to enjoy a plank's worth of provisions and imbibe a mighty grog at Yelp Taps That (Pirate) Booty.


Davy Jones ended up at the bottom of the sea while Tap House Grill's famous flatbreads, Kobe beef and white cheddar sliders, jambalaya pasta, classic fried chicken and drunken shrimp ended up at the bottom of Yelpers bellies. Speaking of drunken, Yelpers had their pick of poison from an interactive tasting table equipped with Allagash White and Three Floyds' Robert the Bruce as well as having been granted full reign and order on all 30 of Tap House Grill's draft craft beers including New Holland Brewing Co.'s Dragon's Milk, Founder's Breakfast Stout and Victory's Golden Monkey.

If your periscopic memory is a little hazy from polishing off one too many of those bottles o' beer on the wall, need not worry, Buccaneers. On hand to capture every crow's nest worthy sight was fellow 2012 Elite Sean Davis and Yelp favorite, Shutterbox Photobooth. Mateys can review this buccaneer's bash here and scope every mutiny, hornswoggle and flogging here and thar. Warning: This party received the pirate rating of Arrrrrrggghhh!

 Pirate3 Pirate4
A mighty thanks be made to the Tap House Grill for hosting this swashbuckling soiree along with all ye lads and lasses brave enough to walk the plank, swab the deck, and dance a jolly jig on the maiden voyage of Yelp Chicago 'Burbs 2012 Elitedom. Thar be plenty more in store this yarrr.

Yo Ho Yelp and Ship Full of Fun,


Cap'n Candice G

Chicagoland Community Manager