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"There was witty banter. There was incessant banter. After some beers and bourbon, there was drunken banter." DeShaun C said it all… But I'm going to say some more anyway.

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On Tuesday night, the best of Brooklyn Yelp hit up the south side of Williamsburg for A Bit of Banter. NYC Elites were elated to spend the night discovering this high-ceilinged, well-appointed craft beer bar on Havemeyer. Although Banter's a footy fan favorite, it isn't all about sports. The cozy, dark wood paneling lends the bar a vibe that's equal parts British and Brooklyn, and it's a perfect place to gather with old friends and meet a few new ones, as the Elite Squad found out.

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Everyone knows a little liquid courage keeps the party rolling, and one of the best bourbons around, Buffalo Trace, was providing complimentary cocktails like the refreshing Bourbon & Ginger that found a convert in Monique R. For the yelpers interested in quality craft beer, Peak Organic offered up their subtly toasty Winter Session Ale, as well as the unique and hoppy Peak IPA. The friendly and engaging bar staff was also pouring discounted half-pints to show off their stellar selection, and delicious little grilled-cheeses helped fill a few bellies as well.

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Whether or not you made it out, make sure you check out all the photos courtesy of Melanie Fidler, and what people are saying in reviews and on Talk. A huge thanks goes out to Chris, Connor and the rest of the Banter crew for all their hospitality. As Lisa H can attest, "the atmosphere is incredibly warm and toasty and the bartenders were super friendly and attentive;" with 24 excellent options on their state-of-the-art tap system, I know I'll be back soon for a pint or seven. See you there!

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Peter D
and the rest of the NYC Yelp Team

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