Boston Elites Get High At A Yelp Pop-Up Party!

High up, ya nut! More than 120 Elites and guests snaked their way through the dark, industrial underbelly of Everett to discover the spring-loaded trampoline wonderland called Sky Zone. Boasting a warehouse of launch pads, the new indoor park offered yelpers a poppin' good time with rousing rounds of trampoline dodgeball, sample SkyRobics classes, flying leaps into foam pits and a free-for-all Colosseum!


When they grew weary from all the high-altitude antics, yelpers snuck away to sneak samples from a smorgasbord of snacks. Culinary Cruisers quenched gourmet thirsts with roasted banana and ginger-grapefruit Real Pops popsicles, as well as various flavors of Spindrift soda pop, thus keeping the theme alive. Popchips gave savory seekers endless bags of their crispy discs, and while they might not have been rocking the "pop" in their moniker, the tangy tonics from Katalyst Kombucha, natural revitalizers in Vita Coco and a veritable spread courtesy of Pretzel Crisps kept the energy at record levels.


But when all is said and done, what's a Yelp party without a little "adult apple juice"? Good thing Magners came packing their classic hard cider, as well as a little pear action to throw in the mix. Really, what's better after pounding your buddy at a no-holds-barred game of AeroBall than an icy plastic cup of alcohol? Thought so.


Could Boston Elites adapt to the shift from bars and bistros? Dan C "was very impressed at this being an 'outside the box' type Yelp event," while Dan G (no Dan relation) thinks "this goes up there as one of the most fun and entertaining!" Tatsu snapped so many pics, his shutter finger is chapped – check 'em out on Flickr and tag away on Facebook. Buzz has got Talk lighting up with record setters and chronic sweaters, and the reviews are glowing. Didja go? Yelpers would love to hear about it! Didja wanna go? Be Elite! Didja throw me out in the 3rd dodgeball game while I was pegging the guy floundering in the corner? Revenge is sweet.


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Damien S