It’s Kitschmas Time In New Orleans!

It might have been a chilly night in New Orleans, but the prospect of mingling– and jingling– at Chickie Wah Wah drew many a naughty and nice Elite.


Who can resist some Holiday cheer? Like Cajun egg nog made with Old New Orleans Rum, and cocktails featuring Tito's Vodka, wine from Pasternak Wine Imports (Cave de Lugny Les Charmes) and everyone's favorite, Abita Amber. A variety of festive bites from then newly opened Pizza Garage at Chickie Wah Wah included all kinds of gourmet pizzas, veggie stir fry, wings and other bits of Southern fried goodness!


Wait, is that cheer? Or straight-up naughtiness? You be the judge. 

Speaking of… I'm sure we're all wondering, have our Elites been naughty or nice this year? Of course they've been very good boys & girls, what with all the funny/useful/cool review writing and encouraging their fellow yelpers to do the same! Not to mention bringing non perishables for our food drive to benefit Second Harvest! Shockingly, though, the naughty things outweighed the nice, according to our Naughty/Nice box. (Note: you must be 18+ to read most of these): "Got trashed and wore a trash bag." "Touched myself while thinking about another yelper" and "Had a 3-day vacation affair with a HS boyfriend 15 years after first meeting him."

The nicest thing? Someone "proved Joi to NOLA" (thank you, lovely person!) Oh and someone also "wished Santa a Happy Hanukkah at the mall"… who obviously wasn't the same person who "told Santa that I'll never tell anyone about Thailand."


A huge thank you to Dixie and Dale of Chickie Wah Wah and Karen at Garage Pizza for hosting our kitschy holiday bash! Also to Carolyn Turgeon who took our photos for the evening! Don't forget to read the reviews and peep the flickr for the rest of the photos!

Merrily, Merrily Yours,


Joi B

Yelp NOLA Community Manager