Dames, Dolls, & Gun Molls: A Triangle Caper @ The Roxy

Dames, Dolls, and Dick Tracy wannabes made way to the newest speakeasy in Durham — The Roxy (shh!) — for a night full of flim-flam. Heavy doors gave way to a dim speakeasy with sexy red walls and banquettes set for gambling. Elites were assigned a mobster name at entry, and did a fine job hittin' on all sixes.

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Prohibition? Pshaw! The Mad Housewife had red wine aplenty and The Roxy was slingin' hooch — in the form of holiday cocktail finery — all night. Cigarette girl, Emily "The Enforcer" P, was a real tomato, keeping the crowd appeased with (candy!) cigarettes, cigars, and Yelp mints!

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Poker games and double-crossin' deals went down while Workbook jazzed up the scene and Satisfaction brought the 'dough' (ie, pizzas galore!).

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On account of a rat, one copper showed up. But Yelp's gun molls torpedo'd the Big Cheese with their own capers. No Dumb Dora's in this juice joint!

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Congrats to our costume winners — Avi W & Heather B — who took home $50 gift cards to a local salon. Stoolpigeons are speaking up on the shenanigans as the 5-star reviews roll in. Didn't know the speakeasy password? Sneak a peek at pics from the party (courtesy of Christopher Greene and Phil "Fat Cat" G).

Thanks, Triangle yelpers, for closing 2011 out with a razzle-dazzle good time… It's been an honor to lead this gang of hooligans! Heather "The Brain" B summed it best when she said, "The local Yelpers are so friendly, easygoing, and ready to forge new friendships. If you are reading this and you are not active in the Yelp community, let me tell you that Yelp is so much more than reviews, it's a social networking forum. It's a great way to meet new people and make friends." So come on, you lurkers, stop lollygagging — apply for the Elite Squad Class of 2012!


Christina "The Enabler" G
NC Triangle Yelp Community Manager