Yelp Cincy’s Sweet Event at Busken Bakery

Willy Wonka ain’t got nothing on Busken Bakery.

The famous Cincinnati bakery, open since 1928, is known for a few things: delicious cookies, amazing donuts and, come that first turn of cold weather, unbelievable pumpkin pie! To celebrate this Southern-Ohio tradition, yelpers were invited in to see the magic happen at Yelp’s Sweet Event.


Busken has one major 24-hour bakery that makes all the treats for all its stores. 60 yelpers donned hairnets and Busken hats for a facility tour unlike any other.

There was free pumpkin pie and apple cider, fantastic music by The Turkeys, a tour of the kitchen lead by the Busken CEOS (and brothers) where people filled their own donuts and had all you could eat sweets right off the racks …


Yes, you heard us right – we could eat anything in the bakery! Everyone got a box and if you saw a dessert you liked, you were encouraged to snatch it up and eat it (or save it for later). We ate cookies, Danishes and donuts so fresh, we literally watched them be fried, glazed and then put into our mouths.


We actually can’t do better at describing this amazing event than what’s already been written by other yelpers:

“When I moved to Cincinnati, a friend who used to live here said one word: Busken. I almost hesitate to tell her what I got to do last night for fear she may never talk to me anymore.” – Jessalynn S

“I stood with anticipation. I was handed a simple white box, containing gloves and a hairnet. I donned my apparel and waited my turn. Little did I know my childhood dream of touring the "candy" factory was about to become real.” – Jasmin C

“I really enjoyed seeing the workers making the treats I love so much. When I was told to take a freshly made donut that was iced less than a minute ago, I was in heaven. I ended up going home with a box of treats I plucked right off the trays, and a stomach full of fresh donut.” – Monika N

“And the Busken men in charge were amazing. Need an extra box? Ok. Want to take some pie home? Sure! Good thing the diet doesn't start til after the holiday right?!” – Rachel G

“I tasted the best pumpkin pie I've ever had. Normally I drown it in cool whip but this pie didn't need a thing. Perfect.” – Ann L

We ended the night with a yelper homemade pumpkin pie competition (judged by the senior Mr. Busken) and everyone got a “Family Survival Kit,” which included a take-home flask and Tums for those rough patches.


Unbelivable? You bet it was. But don’t just take our word on the night’s awesomeness, you can read all the reviews right here. You can also check out the other awesome pics by photographer extraordinaire Anna Penny on the Official Yelp Flickr page.

Happy Thanksgiving, all!

Alex S, Yelp Community Manager