Southern Comforts For Nashville Elites


Yelp's mission is: "Real People. Real Reviews."

The main ingredients at Puckett's Grocery & Restaurant are: "Real Food, Real People, and Real Atmosphere."

Match made in heaven?

You betcha.

Marshall Family

This family-owned business has been a staple in Nashville since the 1950's and has since expanded from it's humble grocery store roots to 3 locations that offer up groceries, dining, and live music. Just like Yelp, Puckett's is leading the way with supporting all things local from their libations, locally sourced food, to plucking from Nashville's emerging artists. Owner Andy Marshall (and family) also gave an inspiring presentation that included the history of Puckett's, the importance of sourcing locally for food suppliers, explanation of their meat smoking process, and how important word-of-mouth reviews are to his thriving business. Lynne D appreciates and will support a business that is "locally owned and run by a long time family of Franklin, they take pride in their business." Let's hear it for the power of Yelp!
Buffet Fried
Andy EliteEventPuckett's Buffet

On Thursday, Elites like Sarah P and their guests celebrated with "old friends, good food, and story swapping in a fantastic atmosphere" for the One Year Anniversary of Puckett's Downtown location with a bountiful buffet that included tasty fried green tomatoes, fried green beans, and fried pickles and jalepeno rings. Do you see a theme here? For some added Southern charm, fresh from the infamous Puckett's smoker, a feast of smoked wings, BBQ ribs, and pulled pork BBQ sandwich sliders were served up. Lisa J who "proudly and shamefully admits that I piled my plate with large helpings of everything and there was not one thing I didn't love (waistline be damned!)!" Meanwhile, Christian S's "star of the show" were the ribs. "By far my favorite of Puckett's offerings – incredibly tender, meaty with a good bite, and flavored with a really exceptional spice rub (not too salty or sweet)." Finger lickin' good!


You can't have a down-home good time without tasty locally produced libations, right? Distributors Lipman Brothers brought an assortment for yelpers to sip that they won't forget anytime soon! Yelp shot glasses were used during the private Corsair Artisan presentations and tastings that showcased the savory Vanilla Bean Vodka, complex Triple Smoke Whiskey, and refreshing Corsair Gin. Amanda B "really enjoyed interacting with the experts, learning the backstory and having an opportunity to ask questions. I assumed that Corsair products were being shipped in from another location. Not the case! I was delighted to find out that this booze is lovingly made in our own backyard (meaning Marathon Village, of course)."

Elite Event EliteSipsBooth

Joshua B "doesn't even like beer" – but, Yazoo Brewing Company's mighty fine collection of hops "might make a convert out of me. The knowledge and craft behind all their beers makes me WANT to like it." We featured the spicy yet citrusy Pale Ale, aromatic IPA Hop Project, tarty and authentic Hefeweizen, and noble malt Dos Perros. As a special treat, Hap & Harry's – the newly launched collaboration project of Lipman Brothers and Yazoo was sampled by enthusiastic Elites!

To peek at all the adoring reviews, click on this link and check out Kristin Milner's fabulous photography!  

Thanks again to Lipman Brothers, Yazoo Brewing Company, Corsair Artisan and we can't appreciate the Marshall family and Puckett's crew enough for bring such inspirational and gracious hosts.


Marcia M – Yelp Nashville Community Manager