Ain’t No Party Like a Brooklyn Party…

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'Cause a Brooklyn party don't stop…for at least three nights. On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday the NYC Yelp community took over the gorgeous Firehouse Space in East Williamsburg for three nights filled with fun, all to benefit the NYC Coalition Against Hunger! Sipping on Lulu B's wonderful wine and snacking on Pirate's Booty, each evening Brooklyn yelpers packed into both floors of the high-ceilinged former firehouse and rocked out as DJ Taktik spun and BK Booth had some high-energy antics going on.

Night 1: The 'Stache Bash

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We kicked it off with a kegger! NYC knows beer, and it doesn't get much better than draughts of locally brewed Heartland's crisp Cornhusker Lager and their famous Smiling Pumpkin Ale. Quite a few yelpers got some suds snagged in their huge handlebars, but it's all good. The South Slope's new spot Sweetwolf's set up in the chef's kitchen and offered up a taste of their decadent crab mac & cheese. 

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And you wouldn't know we were raising awareness for hunger if you saw the scrumptious Sicilian spread from Catania: arancini and broccoli rabe rolls were just the beginning! Finally, for that sweet summation, Wing L attests, "Robicelli's desserts were literally the icing on the (cup)cake!" But if you thought they were just about insanely delicious and creative cupcakes, you've never had their brownies, which might be the best in existence.

Night 2: The Alterna-Office Party

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Your office has never had a holiday bash like this one. Unless they had Momo Sushi Shack slangin' matsutake-topped crab and sea urchin fried rice balls (Chef Phillip goes all out!) and Scottadito Osteria Toscana offering up homemade spinach and ricotta gnocchi in a bangin' butter, sage and white truffle sauce.

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Every office would appreciate the famed Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory scooping vanilla chocolate chunk AND strawberry with rainbow sprinkles and toasted almonds. Pennant Ale and Brooklyn Lager went down smooth as always, but as Ashley S says, the Brown Ale lovingly provided by Brooklyn Brewery "was a great pairing with the nuttiness of the toasted almond and the nuttiness of my fellow yelpers." A magical evening was capped off by Josh Beckerman (The Foodie Magician), guessing favorite NYC restaurants and magically floating charity paraphenalia.

Night 3: The Ugly Sweater Soiree

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Brooklyn never had this good a time while looking this bad.  I'm pretty sure every hideous sweater in the city was up in the Firehouse on Wednesday night as everyone enjoyed tastes of Der Kommissar's käsekrainer, a succulent sausage studded with cheese. There were sweaters that light up, sweaters sporting numerous ugly attachments, and sweaters that were just plain hideous.

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Bulldog Gin cocktails and Original Sin Cider flowing freely kept the night lively as Bedford Ave gastropub Trix treated yelpers to a creamy corn chowder which paired perfectly with their panna cotta. And the Nunu Chocolates …just take it from Sally W: "incredibly addictive salt caramels that are hand dipped in chocolate and little truffles made with dark chocolate ganache with a kiss of absinthe. HELLO! SOOOOO GOOOOOD."

None of these nights would've been possible without Ultra Events & Staffing making it all happen, and SoulMaids keeping it clean. Whether or not you made it out, make sure you check out the reviews, the photos from Jaclyn Fidler (Night 1 & Night 2) and Madison McGaw (Night 3), and all the photobooth hilarity from BK Booth (Night 1, Night 2, Night 3). Thanks to all our amazing sponsors and guests for helping NYC families move beyond the soup kitchen!

Peter D and the rest of the NYC Yelp Team

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