Yelp Eats Raises Over $10,000 for Hunger Relief Charities

Last week, well-loved and well-yelped restaurants across Canada and Honolulu put their forks up in support of local hunger relief efforts. For every $30 a Yelp diner spent during Yelp Eats!, these good deeding restaurants donated $10 to their local food related charity. And the magic didn't stop there…

There were Yelp Elite Event launch parties; check-in contests complete with a special badge to earn, multiple Community Manager Yelp Events (CMYEs) and Unofficial Yelp Events (UYEs), not to mention the volume of packed restaurants—full of Yelp eaters and good deeders!

But when the dishes were cleared away, and the stuffed boxes of receipts were counted, these 6 cities raised over $10,250 for their local charities! Eating and good deeding all week long? This is how we *fork* it!

Here's a list of the cities that participated and the hunger relief organization that benefited: