Yelp Chicago Goes With The Flow

Roses are red, violets are blue, October is here, and poetry doesn’t have to rhyme! It’s a good thing, because the Yelp Chicago Elite Squad is all about free expression. Unfettered by iambic pentameter or rhyming couplets, Chicago Elites flowed into Quay, the idyllic Near North Side restaurant and lounge overlooking the Chicago River to enjoy a night of Poetry in Motion and going with the flow.

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Attendees arrived to an elegant dining room, beset on all sides with dark woods, scalloped walls, inventive, lit columns, private dining rooms, and food fit for the environment. Marinated chicken satay, wild mushroom and herbed goat cheese flatbread, and Wisconsin cheddar sliders filled the bellies of intrepid Elites, even as crisp Sauvignon Blanc and elegant Pinot Noir quenched their thirst. Elites were happy to dine and chat but the ‘motion’ and ‘flow’ didn’t make a lot of sense.

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Just as things got comfortable, guests received a surprise. That’s the “go with the flow.” After a brief welcome from the restaurant management, the secret sliding door to the back atrium flew open and invitees migrated (“motion”) into a room filled with windows, river views, cityscapes, hot DJ beats, sushi, and two signature Appleton Estate cocktails: Ginger Highball and Appleton Daiquiri. Between the rum and the music, folks were moving and grooving.

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The party didn’t end there. The next stop on the Elite train was to the outside patio, where guests could fully take in the perfect early fall night, continue conversation, feel the river spray… and nosh on desserts like chocolate cake, almond squares and raspberry & mango tiramisus. Yelptern Linda D documented the night’s activities. See things worth a thousand words here. And just as Homer penned the Odyssey and the Iliad, Elites wrote reviews of their epic adventure here. Forsooth, an Elite in motion stays in a good mood.

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Taking quill to scroll on a stroll,

Johnny T