Pittsburgh Elites Get Looney

Yelp Culture Club ended with a kablowee at Yelp's Looney Tooney Elite Event held at the Toonseum in downtown Pittsburgh.  One of only three cartoon museums in the country, the comic strips came alive that evening with Elite's dressing the part, in creative animated attire.

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"The Toonseum owner was super accommodating and friendly, and left the cartoons running the whole time" captivating Jarrett H mid-conversation a "little too often. He was even handing out things from his collection to help people complete their outfits. How awesome!" Adding to the evening's affair was two sugary elements" recalls Ricardo T. "This particular Yelp event brought together two of my closest loves. Sweets and cartoons merged for an evening of fun and mingling."

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Sugar Cafe provided Brandy, Double Chocolate and Red Velvet cupcakes as well as bite size Chocolate Rasberry and Pumpkin Macaroons that were just as delicious as they sound! Stephanie T is recovering from a "full-fledged sugar coma after consuming two brandy (omg) cupcakes, a couple macaroons, a wealth of pumpkin spice and mint hot cocoa marshmallows, and a couple cups of Laird's AppleJack mulled cider. Definitely delicious!" Pittsburgh Marshmallow Factory also served up the aforementioned Pumpkin Spice and Mint Hot Chocolate Marshmallows that provided "sweets for the sweet Yelpers," exclaimed Mel U. Elites and their guests were also able to sample some honest to goodness Honest Tea and warm up with spiked cider courtesy of Laird's AppleJack. Roasty toasty!

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Congrats to best costume winners: Batman Evan M and wife Bat Woman Lauren M, Alice in Wonderland Jill G and Ghostbuster Chris C who won some sweet schwag courtesy of the Toonseum.  Also, a special thanks to everyone for getting into the looney spirit!

Many thanks to Toonseum Executive Director, Joe Wos, for being an excellent host and to Cassie Rusnak for the beautiful photography! Check out all the fab photos from the evening on our Flickr page here. Enjoyed the event and want to share the love? Head over here and write a review! Or event just want to continue the chat from the event on Talk!

Sweet Lover Strawberry Shortcake,

YEE @ Toonseum53

Rachel C

Pittsburgh Community Manager