Hot Dogs Yelped at Bark!

Right outside the 2/3 Bergen Street stop sits what Matteo R describes as what "may well be the most beautiful hotdog place in the world: whitewashed exposed bricks on one side, Guastavino-like tiles and darl wood on the other side, light wooden floors…" Not only is the space gorgeous, but Bark Hot Dogs is committed to locally sourced ingredients and sustainability. Luckily, this environmentally conscious approach is combined with readily apparent culinary knowhow, because This. Food. Is. GOOD.

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Bark welcomed in some of Brooklyn's finest yelpers last night for an evening of good food, great music, and good times. The NYC Elite were treated to scrumptious samples of neighborhood favorites like the NYC Dog, the Kraut Dog, and the Bacon-Cheddar Dog, and you'd better believe these wieners live up to the hype. And although the place might be called Bark Hot Dogs, the rest of the menu is just as intriguing.

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Monique R particularly enjoyed the crispy pork burger: "What the what! It was spot on flavor wise as well as texturally. And HOLY WOW – the onion rings." Ashley S also exclaims, "the original Bark burger was mouthwateringly juicy!" And those fried eggplant bites covered in piquant peppers? With such skill in the kitchen, I know I'll be back soon for EVERYTHING, including breakfast sandwiches stuffed with Nueske's bacon…

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Since all things Bark go down better with beer, the Bark staff was pouring pitchers of Sixpoint's signature Bark Red Ale all night, which kept the party pumping. A huge thanks goes out to Josh, Diana and the rest of the Bark staff that is so on point every day, and welcomed us in for such a special evening. Whether or not you made it out, be sure to check out the pictures and the reviews!

Peter D and the rest of the NYC Yelp Team

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