Yelp Edinburgh’s Americana Foodie Feast @ The New York Steam Packet!

It was all aboard the New York Steam Packet in Edinburgh last night as Captain Kev readied the grill, prepped the meat and fired up the fryer for an epic American food feast Yelp style! Over 30 hungry yelpers ducked off Rose Street to this "best kept secret" on Rose Street Lane and took the winding stair-case to the upper deck of the New York Steam Packet, squeezing in side-by-side to make merry with OneGlass Wine, Vitamin Water and lots and lots of finger-licking food!

Whilst Kevin began prepping the feast, the servers Barbie and Vino made sure everything was set whilst old and new yelpers gathered in the cosiest American diner this side of the pond. 'From the moment' Joe A 'turned off Rose Street and beelined for the secluded alleyway where the blink-and-you'll-miss-it New York Steam Packet resides ' he knew he was in for a good evening!NYSP2
One Glass wine was promptly opened and there wasn't an empty glass for the rest of the evening. Despite saying 'I'll be on the Vitamin Water tonight guys' it only took Emily V 15 minutes to have her first glass in hand. 'It's those OneGlass wines – they just look so great and beg to be consumed!' No one disagreed!

NYSP4 Americana costumes were compared, new yelpers were introduced, and the New York Steam Packet itself was admired. This wee diner has been keeping Edinburghers full of fine American food since the 70s, and much of the paraphernalia remains the same as the day it opened – including the giant wall-mount of the Statue of Liberty. Those in the know stop by for their amazing three course set meal, which these lucky yelpers were about to experience in epic proportions.

They weren't kept waiting long as platters of mussells in garlic and white wine, chicken liver paté, potato wedges with harlem dip and sweet potato soup got everyone in the mood for munch. 'Testament to the amazing taste of these mussels was Martin, a virgin to mussel eating, who we coaxed into trying at least one' explains dining companion Kerrin R. 'After his first NYSP mussel, he declared he had been missing out on the world of mussels. Win.'NYSP5 Here come the mains! The first to arrive was the one Kerrin R 'tried his best to keep the longest, because it was simply delicious – the "New York" beef burger.' Followed by sirloin steak strips, zigan chicken, salmon fillets with lemon and parsley butter, veggie enchiladas, and more fries than a McCain advert. Followed by even more steak in a sauce that made Emily V go 'oooooeeee was that amazing stuff'. She swears if she had a straw she 'would have been happy in the corner drinking that peppercorn and brandy sauce' and Jurgen D suggests 'if you go back, order it on the burger. OMG'. A definite champion of the night!

And the food just kept coming. 'The amount to come out of the kitchen over the course of the night was epic, three courses of tapas-style American food'. Three courses you say Emily V? Why that's right, because there was cake too – Dime Bar cheesecake, New York cheesecake, chocolate cake and pecan pie. It was so good fights almost broke out as the sharing platters passed back and forth – but everyone was still smiling!
The party continued well into the wee hours and Kay L agrees 'it is a tribute to the atmosphere of New York Steam Packet and all the wonderful Yelp people that the wine kept being topped up and the food kept coming.'  And the evening didn't end there as all 30 yelpers, Kev and the other NYSPers trooped to a local bar for a drink or three. 'All in all an awesome, great meal and a great start to a great night! Yelp Elite know how to Party. FACT!' Too right Jurgen D!


A huge thank you to Cap'n Kev and his New York Steam Packet crew for hosting such an epic feast. Catriona C wants to give 'extra kudos to the staff who worked the room with food and style, the night would have been less without you.' And thanks to OneGlass Wine for keeping Edinburgh yelpers topped up all night and Vitamin Water for the refreshments, and Robin Mair for being so snap-happy.


Read all the reviews of the night by many a-happy yelper, have a peek at all the photies to see both food and yelpers looking fabulous, talk about the night some more, and keep up with the New York Steam Packet on Facebook!

Until next time!


Jenny L
Yelp Edinburgh Community Manager