Providence Elites Get Down at a Yelp Hoedown!

The Providence Yelp Elite Squad mounted up and rode into the legendary Olneyville New York System for one humdinger of a hoedown on Tuesday night at Yelp's Hot Wiener Hoedown!

Elites went 'all the way' with their hot wieners all night long! The amazing and entertaining crew of chefs behind the counter were "slingin' those dogs on a steady, meaty stream while setting a welcoming, friendly tone" that kept Carly B lassoed in.

Narragansett Beer Co. was there to keep those Elite whistles wet with copious amounts of the RI staple brew, "some of the best beer in Rhode Island" according to Jennifer E. "This hoedown throw-down was pretty epic… a lil rootin', tootin', and drinken' with a side of coffee milk, fries and wieners" that Jay D only has two words for, ya'll: "giddy up!"

All Jen H. needed on this Tuesday night "was a stool at the counter of Olneyville, a hot weiner, a cold 'Gansett in a Yelp cozie, and a whole bunch of my fellow Yelpers to share it with. I never thought I'd say it, but I'm a weiner gal, y'all!" Get along, little doggie!

Until next time, buckeroos… Yeeeeee-Haw!


Hilary H

Providence Community Manager