Our First Big, Fat Yelp Wedding!

We often joke here at Yelp that we’re "not a dating site” — but there are times when our yelpers do meet, fall in love and sometimes even get married (and have twins!) And when talking to these loved-up yelpers, it makes sense. After reading each other’s reviews online and meeting in-person offline at our Yelp Elite events, yelpers quickly get a sense of who they have things in common with and sometimes it’s too good to ignore. One thing’s for sure: you likely won’t get treated to Taco Bell on your first date!

While there have been a few proposals, marriages and even babies as a result of Yelp, last week marked our first ever official Yelp wedding event! On Tuesday, September 19, Yelp Boston hosted the wedding and reception of Dave F. and Diana R. — both active members of the Yelp Boston community — who said their "I Dos" in front of a few hundred yelpers at an official Yelp Elite Event!

Surprised? In the beginning, so was the groom: "At first it was kind of funny, but then it started to make a lot of sense. Over the last year and a half, I've been pretty active in the Yelp community. We've made lots of friends by going to various events in that time, and many of the people we would have invited to the wedding would have been people from Yelp anyway. Doing this event gave us a chance to make the wedding what we wanted: a fun time to celebrate with many of our friends and family."

While we still maintain we’re not a dating site, we love the fact that over the years, Yelp has created such a meaningful and authentic community — one that supports each other during the good times and the bad.

We know the Yelp Community far and wide will join us when we say congrats to Dave and Diana — and we wish you many future yelpers!

(And in true Yelp fashion, you can see the reviews for the wedding here).