Yelp Baltimore Kicks Mother Nature’s Butt (in the most Zen-like of ways, of course)!

Yelp Baltimore Elites get rid of their upwards-facing bellies with some downward-facing dog and celebrate wellness inside and out!

First: an earthquake. Next: a hurricane. Now: a series of flash floods?! It's been a hard couple of weeks in Charm City, so Yelp Baltimore decided to serve up a little R&R in advance of the impending arrival of locusts (Just kidding! **Lawd, please don't send locusts!!**).  

Yelpy-yogi Elites braved the wind and the rain for "Yelp's Got Soul" – a celebration of wellness inside and out. Located in Charles Village, The Living Well hosted our newly-enlightened Elites, providing yoga and Tai Chi instruction set to amazingly-beautiful and relaxing live music by Simon Wojcik and Jonathan Fell. Chaka C walked away on clouds. "The vibe was uber-positive and inclusive. I dig it!"

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Elites took a "tea time" break in between the lessons thanks to refreshing beverages from Honest Tea ("After I heard the story about its start, it tastes even better," says Nina U). An after-workout buffet of delicious vegan soul food catered by The Land of Kush capped off the night and helped Yelp Baltimore Elites fully achieve the 'Zen within.'  

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"It was a rough week at work and an evening of Yoga and Tai Chi and hanging out with Bal-mer Yelpers was what I needed," sighs Jen L, who also loved The Land of Kush's soulful sides (All hail the kale!). She's "usually not too crazy about Vegan food, but it was pretty damn good. That carrot cake is better than most carrot cakes made with eggs and butter! YUM! Everything was good!"

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Simply put: Katrina W raves it was "Yelpers Paradise! As a person who lives for new happenings, last night was a great community building event."  It might have been pouring outside, but it was impossible to rain on "Yelp's Got Soul"  - the most peaceful party around! 

A special thanks to ImaxPix Photography for capturing all the pictures and to Ripple Effect Productions who captured all the moves via video (which you can see on the Yelp Baltimore YouTube Channel). Maneuvering around discretely in a setting like this one was no easy feat! 🙂


Elsa M.

Yelp Baltimore CM