Nashville Gets Roasted!

Many of you already know that Nashville yelpers love our brew but did you know that we also have mad love for the non-hoppy version? Now. You. Do. Justin R couldn't help but admit, "I thought I was pretty advanced with my French Press, but boy was I wrong. They have so many different and interesting ways of brewing those delicious beans. Some machines looked like something you could find in a chemistry classroom and others looked like robots from the future."
Forty lucky Elite Squad members gathered at Nashville's Only Single Cup BrewerRoast, Inc for some of the best coffee grown on this planet!

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Our evening started off with a very informative discussion on how quality truly begins at the seed. Husband and wife super duo & co-owners Brad & Lesa Wood enthusiastically explained their roles in ensuring that they offer the best possible product to their loyal customers. Travis A took notice, "It's cool to have a local business that is so passionate about their craft to want to share it with everyone." They walked us through the process of working directly with farmers countless members of co-ops around the world to offer the best in rare and fine coffees to our lucky city!


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Everyone enjoyed a flight through several unique coffees then brew method seminars at 3 different stations that even included an opportunity to pull a shot! Delighted coffee novice Jemina B reawakened, "As unknowledgeable as I am about the now fascinating world of coffee, this event really catered to coffee fans and newbies alike. I liked the group "learning stations," which allowed interaction between the Elites, and the overwhelming passion with which the owners and staff have for coffee in every phase of its existence.


Some may scratch their head wondering if a blazing hot August was the best time to host this event but our timing couldn't be more perfect as Best of Panama winners just arrived! All of these are fresh arrivals in the country, and Roast is only one of two roasters in the US to serve Elida. Coffee connoisseur Christian S couldn't hide his admiration for his "personal favorite" – the El Salvadoran coffee brewed through the siphon – a vacuum brewing process that utilizes vapor pressure to create an incredibly balanced & smooth cup with robust flavor. The El Salvadoran coffee featured notes of maple syrup and chocolate that were quite present

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Savory and sweet pastry snacks comprised of local ingredients from Dozen Bakery helped calm down all the perky jitters from our coffee indulgences. Joshua B was smitten over "the little espresso cookies were to die for. YUM!!!" We're unsure if Megan C was actually able to catch some shut-eye that evening but she had an inkling that the "baked goods will likely be in my dreams tonight…"

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A lucky yelper even won a fabulous door prize that included a pour over setup; brewer, filters, coffee, and more! 

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 Kim Y may have summed it up best: "Pulling our own shots from THE machine (used in the world barista championship!) and boiling up coffee in nearly lab like settings was so much fun and provided common grounds (grounds, get it? ha!) for us yelpers to chat and get to know people we may have not chatted with before, even under the social lube of booze."

Big thanks to Elite yelper Matt L for the smashing idea of hosting a coffee themed Elite Event and for the introduction to Roast. It goes to show that anything is possible with Yelp Nashville so keep the ideas and enthusiasm coming. Be sure to use all that extra energy to read the complete reviews or chime in on Talk!

All photography by the fabulous Kristin Milner

Catch ya later!

Marcia "I'm still awake" M

Yelp Nashville Community Manager