Dallas Elites Let Their HAIR Down!

Peace, Love, and Yelp was in the air last night as the Dallas Elite squad channeled their psychedelic side and let their hippie side shine for the celebration of the Let Your HAIR Down Elite Event.

IMG_3574   IMG_3580

Over 90 Yelpers gathered at the stunning Winspear Opera House in the AT&T Performing Arts Center for the award-winning production. There was merry mingling, imbibing, and exciting chatter in the beautiful lobby, pre-show. 

   IMG_3577      IMG_3578


You can't say Hippie without saying Flower. Free love was passed throughout the evening in the form of flowers for our yelpy flower children. Post show, we strolled over to Jorge's for some margarita's and nachos. The weather welcomed some lovely times on the patio as we schmoozed and discussed our thoughts on the smash hit musical. Check out what elites had to say about all the fun here!

Until next time…Peace, Love, and Yelp my flower children

-Frances G