Chicago Has A License To Yelp

Saying goodbye to Chicago’s shortest, but most awesome, summer is like a Chicago dog with ketchup — it’s not right. But, it’s inevitable… so why not do it in style and in posh surroundings? One hundred fifty invited members of the Yelp Chicago Elite squad bid farewell to warm temps and short shorts by dressing in their best Bond – James Bond, that is – and riding the express elevator up to Vertigo Sky Lounge to enjoy A View to Yelp. The gorgeous views and stylish décor were only matched the cool clothes of the Elite ensemble.

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Spies, villains and femme fatales sauntered into the glass-enclosed 26th floor of the Dana Hotel to scope out the swanky scene on the ‘rooftop for locals’ and get their shaken, not stirred on. Don Q Rum provided two spy-worthy cocktails to help Yelpers say goodbye to the sun for another year: The Man With The Golden Yelp and Octoyelpy. The potent potables helped Elites say good-bye to boring times as neither doctors nor guests said, ‘No,’ to one more glass.

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Tomorrow Never Dies, so filling up on delicious foods is a must. Aja served lite bites for Yelp mouths only, including sesame chicken, vegetable spring rolls, Kobe sliders, crab rangoon, and salt & pepper fries. Spies may get hungry but they certainly didn’t stay that way thanks to the expert wait- and barstaff attending to them all night long. The delectable cuisine seemed to spring forth from a quantum of deliciousness. Elites simply couldn’t keep up with all the mouth-watering food coming their way.

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As the evening progressed, Yelpers swayed as the Goldfingers of DJ Maja B produced a sweet soundtrack. Vertigo even provided parkas for those who felt fall’s kiss, but still wanted to enjoy the killer view on the outdoor patio. Or, just dance around in a long heavy jacket. Artist (and suburban Elite) Robert Ryan chalked up a huge Yelp burst to make the perfect background for some sexy smiles. Goldeneye photographer Laurence Asuncion made sure the night’s events wouldn’t remain secret by documenting all of the suspicious activity. See the living daylights here and the proof that all lived to Yelp Another Day here.

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From Chicago with love,


Johnny T