Boston Elites Bear Witness To A Real Yelp Wedding!

We've thrown a number of parties here in Boston: 80s proms, White Hot jams, brass-wrapped circuses (circii?) and chocolate-coated spectacles. Then on Monday, we leveled up and showed the strength of our community. For the first time in Yelp's history, we hosted a real-life, honest-to-goodness wedding. And what better spot than a candlepin alley/organic pizza joint!


Dave "Papercut" F and Diana "Chisel" R merged their love of Yelp, bowling, cupcakes, hard cider, the Deathray Davies and, well, each other by exchanging vows in front of family plus 130 of their closest (and newest!) friends. The couple originally planned to hold the wedding and reception at Davis Square favorite Flatbread Company for it's unique spin on organic, wood-fired pizzas and old school candlepin action.


So how did it become a Yelp event? Dave spills it: "At first (the idea) was kind of funny, but then it started to make a lot of sense.  Over the last year and a half, I've been pretty active in the Yelp community.  Diana and I have made lots of friends by going to various events in that time, and many of the people we would have invited to the wedding would have been people from Yelp anyway.  Doing this event gave us a chance to make the wedding what we wanted: a fun time to celebrate with all of our friends and family."


And a fun time it was! Following the short-but-sweet ceremony, guests were treated to a neverending supply of delcious flatbreads and salads, as well as a barrage of Crispin hard cider to keep the whistles whet. Between competitive strings of little ball bowling and mugging their best booth face for the Photo Fun Box, yelpers summoned a collective sweet tooth, subsequently sated by a tower of Sweet cupcakes. Shwoopy factoid: Dave proposed to Diana over the Sweet cupcake course of an über-loveydovey picnic. Get us tissues!


Before heading out, guests offered Marriage Quick Tips around a coupley framed pic, jotted down romantic couplets for their photobook and packed Chinese take-out boxes with fortune cookie soaps and custom lip balms. Pro-grade photos provided by the lens wizard Tatsu I (be sure to tag the twin albums on Facebook) and the reviews of this blessed union of souls are rolling in. But enough about us, all the best to the newlyweds!

Forever the Bridesmaid,


Damien S (with assist love to Coco K and Hilary H!)