Yelp’s BBQ & Band Tees Elite Event @ Radius

Rockin' everything from NKOTB (what about BSB?!) pins to faded Journey tees, San Francisco yelpers proudly sported old-school band T-shirts to pay tribute to the BBQ and Band Tees Yelp Elite Event at Radius last evening.

Radius is a locally sourced California restaurant, which uses all local and organic ingredients in their dishes, from within about a 100 radius of their restaurant. Their list of high quality purveyors is impressive, and includes local stand-outs such as oysters from Hog Island Oyster Company, Della Fattoria Bread, and Katz Olive Oil.

From the moment that yelpers walked into the well-lit space – they could smell the fragrant bliss of hot food made with profound time and passion. Susie W marveled at Radius' interior: "Each surface combines eco and rustic in a way that made me want to touch everything," while George A was more partial to  "the chicken wings (the BBQ sauce was YUMMY!) and the peach dressing adorned salad." 

To accompany the bold spread of food, yelpers sipped on tall glasses of Trumer Pils, and later in the evening, Christian Baker (one of the co-owners of Radius) officially welcomed yelpers to the space and provided some more background on Radius' pursuit to maintain a strictly locavore restaurant. Karen T was particularly moved by his dedication to stay loyal to local: "When the owner made his speech I literally almost cried, he was so heartfelt and obviously poured his heart and soul into this restaurant. "

Incredible food paired with delicious local beer and some good ol' band tribute T-shirts in the midst of a perfect San Francisco evening made for a truly glorious event. You can peep some of the pics here (more photos to come from the official photographer of the night Chester) and read all of the rockin' reviews here.

Bbq collage