Yelp Queens Revival @ L’Artiste: We’re Back!

It's been a long time. Too long by some accounts for many Yelpers, but August 24th marked the return of Elite Events in Queens in a scintillating summer soiree at L'Artiste in Astoria.


Courtesy of Chef Luis and the rest of the L'Artiste staff, Elite Yelpers of Queens were sampling some of the finest French cuisine in the Q-borough. The deliciously decadent menu included: vegetarian amuse bouche, beet salad, soup du jour, sea scallops "en croate", mushroom risotto, braised lamb shank, seared duck breast, and profiteroles and a coffee panna cotta for dessert. Nga C had a "temporary moment of insanity" during every bite, exclaiming "I almost felt like I was on the show Masterchef, sampling editable pieces of artwork that was presented in such class, sophistication and tastefully prepared with love and passion."


A sumptuous meal is nothing without a glass of wine. Yelpers clinked their glasses and toasted to each other by drinking complimentary red and white wines from LuluB. Ki G enjoyed her free flowing glass, "I sipped on a lovely, flavorful pinot noir," which after all of the food was "a perfect complement."


Donning some of their snazziest duds, Yelpers wined and dined their way back into the Elite universe in this intimate venue. They rocked their new Yelp watches and found themselves elated when the lovely owners of L'Artiste, Daniela and Youssef, offered a 20% discount to all in attendance for a return visit. Speaking of returns, Jennifer C got a "glimpse at the future of the ongoing revival of Queens," and proudly announces, "We are officially back on the map, baby!"


A big thanks to the entire staff at L'Artiste, the folks behind LuluB wines, and Yelp Queens for showing up to make this evening a memorable night for all.  For all of those who couldn't be here, be sure to check out the gallery and read the reviews.



Jando S and Team Yelp NYC