St. Louis Enjoys its First Elite VIP Dinner @ Truffles

Ahhhh, Elite events… does it get any better? Wait, what's this… an Elite VIP Dinner? Three courses? Quality time with fellow Elites over sophisticated and unique dishes? A champagne toast? Alright, now we're talking. St. Louis certainly knows how to wine and dine in style, and Truffles Restaurant in Ladue is much to thank for that.

Wine Truf Wine2

After enjoying some cocktails at the bar, 24 of our finest Elites were sat and presented with their choice of wine. Whether it was a pinot grigio, a spicy red California zin, or a bold and flavorful cabernet, the conversation was flowing and excitement built as we waited to be presented with our first course. When it came, it certainly did not disappoint and that's when we knew we were in for a long, incredible evening and some full stomachs. For appetizers, we noshed on some bone marrow with pistachios, capers, crostone and herb salad (well, some of us noshed on bone marrow… some of us weren't quite brave enough, including your fearless CM. Turns out I'm not so fearless after all!) Tomato salad, mussels with acqua pazzo, fennel, preserved lemon and crostone, and grand salumi were also served. Sigh…

Meat Tom
Muss Bone

Next up was the main course! During the serving process, chefs brought out the whole roasted chicken and snapper for us to see, and we also got to watch as they put on the finishing touches to each dish. The whole roasted chicken was prepared with rosemary salsa verde, tomato and fennel panzanella, and the roasted snapper with walnut and radish gremolata and summer bean salad. Naples Ragu was also served, which came with salsiccia, beef, veal, fennel, onions and casarecce pasta. I should have kept track of how many "Oh my God's" and "wow's" I heard coming from our side of the room.

ChickenSnapPotato Green

Just when we thought we couldn't eat another ounce of food, it was time for dessert, and what a fine way to end the dinner it was! Up first was the panna cotta with honey rock melon, petite sorrel and pistachios. Next was the peaches and cream, which easily was the crowd favorite! Blackberries, lavender ladyfingers and mascarpone topped off this star of the show. Lastly, a delightful plate of house-made cookies was delivered to each table and we were officially in a sugar-induced coma nothing short of heaven on earth.


The evening ended with a champagne toast at the bar, where were toasted to good friends, our love of local businesses, and the extravagant dinner we were lucky enough to enjoy. Huge thanks goes to Truffles Restaurant for blowing us away with their generosity and incredible dinner menu and presentation, and also to DMGillespie Photography for capturing it all on camera. This night was one for the books!

Champ Champ2

Planning the next dinner and also a trip to the gym,

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