Red is Sexy: Boston’s Land of the Rising Fun Elite Event

Even under threat of a hurricane, Boston yelpers showed in full force for Saturday's Elite event at Red Lantern – Back Bay's newest Asian bistro and lounge. More than 180 Elites and guests braved postman-jingle conditions this weekend to attend the Elite event that couldn't be washed away!

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Donning the reddest of reds, stormchasers sipped sudsy Sapporo and Pisco Porton-powered Mai Tais, while chowing down on a sweet mix from Red Lantern's pan-Asian menu. A full sushi spread, passed ducks spoons, lobster rangoon, shrimp shumai, roasted eggplant, avocado salad in bamboo boats and more pleased the palate, and for Bryan R, "was some of the best I've had at a Yelp event!"

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A Pai Gow poker table prized Yelpy playing cards to the victorious, and our kneady friends from Harvard Square Shiatsu massaged away the hurricanxiety throughout the day. From the SituAsian himself, Tony S quips, "Great food, scintillating Shiatsu, and sexy service. Could it BE any more 'fast and furiously' awesome?"

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Tatsu puts the eye in, well, Tatsu I, capturing the visuals beautifully and sharing for all the world to see (and tag!). Power out or not, the reviews are red-lighting up the internetz, and the kids won't stop Talking about how they weathered the Yelp Elite storm. An extra special thanks to all the sponsors for going above and beyond – not bad for a party put together in a week!


Damien, Jill and Coco