Chicagoland Yelp Elites Rock the (Round)House!

Arguably the hardest-working interns in Yelp business, ChiBurbs yelptern duo Candice G and Dana G produced the first-ever IYEE (Intern Yelp Elite Event) at Two Brothers Roundhouse this past Monday evening. The newest outpost of the popular brewery welcomed Elites and their guests with their award-winning artisan craft beers in addition to red and white Savida Sangria and Firefly Sweet Tea cocktails.


Chef Tommy dazzled palates with fantastic fare capable of making even the most discerning foodie effervesce with enthusiastic approval. On the mouthwatering menu? Two Brothers Robust Porter marinated skirt steak sandwiches with horseradish cream; smoked brisket on polenta toast covered with Cane & Ebel pasilla BBQ sauce; baby empanadas of artichoke, piquillo peppers, dried cranberries and bleu cheese with lemon aioli; almond and grape chicken salad on Domaine Dupage beer bread toast; pickled veggies with Bitter End cheese mousse and Cane & Ebel chocolate truffle balls. In a word: GLORIOUS!


Once tummies were amply sated, Elites took to the balcony-raised level for a customized style session smacking of glam, gloss and rock 'n' roll. The ladies of Rock Razor Scissors took guests from conventional to the exceptional with mohawks, spray hair color, punk-inspired pompadours and also affixed Yelp tattoos. Now prettier than David Bowie, the crowd rallied around the stage for two smoking live performances from Balls Mohawk (fronted by gifted chanteuse, Dana G) and The Roaring .22s (featuring axe-shredder Elite, Kyle B). And how about that magical collaboration? Hair stood on end, skin goose bumped, faces were melted and the entire house was rocked!


They say all good things must come to an end and boy, were those some sad faces to see once the curtains closed on this spectacular showcase. But don't despair: you can forever hold on to this evening's epic memories by peeping photos by the legendary Andrés J. DeLeón, snapshots from Sean Davis and the gravity-defying shots from ActionBooth. If you haven't yet reviewed the event, feel free to do so here or just catch what you missed. It's official, guys: Chicagoland Yelp Elites can rock it, and they rock hard!




Team Yelp Chicagoland (Jelena Z, Candice G and Dana G)