Charlotte Elites Get Groovy with Piece, Love & Pie!

It could have been just another Saturday night at a pizza joint but Yelp Charlotte Elites took a psychedlic turn when they entered The Pizza Peel for a groovy time!

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Hungry bellies were fed with the most fabulous of pizza bars ever imagined. Each Elite designed their very own creation from more than twenty different toppins and a myriad of sauces. While everyone's pie looked mighty fine, Eric D is convinced that Tonya P's is one for the books: "Red sauce, mozzarella, red onion, chopped jalapeno, cilantro, and an olive oil drizzle. Her combo should be a menu item!"

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And of course, it wouldn't be a party without some luscious libations, provided by Empire Distributors, Inc. For the beer lovers, seemingly endless bottles of Sam Adams, Sam Adams Light and Sierra Nevada flowed freely. And for the winos, palates were pleased by Red Knot Chardonnay and Fog Head Pinor Noir. Cathy B loved the "fantastic Pinor Noir" while Jimmy D said that both the chardonnay and pinot paired perfectly with the pie."

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Speaking of palates…and palettes…The Wine Palette guided the guests through a far out painting session of peel painting. We have some super talented Elites in the house! Piles o' polyester did not get in the way of some serious talent.

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The evening concluded with prizes doled out to the dyn-o-mite dressed Chad E and Dion L (Dion-A Ross)! Enjoy those lava lamps, folks!

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All of these good times were augmented by the groovy tunes provided by the talented Lindy Dobbins. Everyone dug it! Thanks to all of our fantastic sponsors and to Ms. Tonya P from Poprock Photography for capturing all the action – be sure to check out all the photos on our Flickr page! Comon' on you cool cats, give us your opinion and review the event!

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Peace to y'all & SYOY!

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Nicole W., Your Polyester-Clad Community Manager