Brooklyn Yelp Goes To The Ballgame (Again)!

Last night NYC Elites headed out to Coney Island to cheer on our hometown heroes, the Brooklyn Cyclones! Brooklyn's finest set up in the swanky double-suite, enjoying beautiful panoramic views of the water, the Cyclone, the WonderWheel and more. Cold beer, juicy burgers, dogs and sausages, good friends and the Cyclones; what could be better?

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From the first pitch (a foul ball that ended up in Phil H's hand) to the last it was a blast, even though the Cyclones eventually lost. But with nine runs scored, a bench-clearing (near) brawl, and foul balls galore, the on-field action didn't disappoint. And of course, the Inflatamaniacs entertained with their antics between innings: c-walking in a dance-off with a member of the opposing team (and knocking him down when he got shown up), and the alien even swallowed a batboy at one point. Like every Cyclones game, the night was jam-packed with fun beyond just baseball. 

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I know we all enjoyed the luxurious amenities in the double suite (cookies for dessert!), so a huge thanks goes out to the Brooklyn Cyclones and Sandy the Seagull for making it all possible. Just like Louis P says, "I truly believe that the Brooklyn Cyclones are the best thing to come to Coney Island since the Cyclone coaster itself…"

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Sure, the Cyclones might have lost this one, but all the more reason to come back to Coney and watch the Mets affiliate win next time! Check out the awesome pictures courtesy of our own Ron C, and see what people are saying

Until next time,
Peter D and the Yelp NYC Team

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