Yelp’s Britannia Bash!

At the end of a scorching Glaswegian day (do not adjust your eyes), Glasgows very own Yelp Elite Squad braved the cities east end to rediscover a lost gem in the cities theatrical crown. Climbing the stairs to the once reknowned Britannia Panopticon, a shadow of it's former self but showing tantilizing glimpses of a phonix-like rise from the ashes, interest was piqued and pulses raised as 'curtain up' neared.

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With a blast on the old pianola and tunes from the past, 'dem Yelpers flocked in to tasty treats from local legends The 13th Note, supplying a wide range of sumptious treats and Boteco Do Brasil, who teased the taste buds with samba style tapas… and aye, their food is as good as their fitba team!


Jeez what a thirsty bunch! Lucky then that we were lucky enought to have the stand up chaps from Bath Streets very own leading liquor emphorium, The Good Spirit Co, who generously handed out free samples of some rather spiffing whisky,rum and… something else I cannie mind… pop in and ask 'em why don't you! For those yelpers keen on the vino, the award winning Inverarity 121 chucked us some splendid tipple which seemed to go down pretty well!

 In such a historic venue, it seemed fit to pay tribute to those who once graced the stage in it's past glory. First up Yelp's very own Declan D proved to be the most mentalist, mentalist ever witnessed on stage. Enthralling and engaging the crowd, Declan baffled, amazed and charmed. Derren who? 

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 Just how do you follow that? Ask Ed Whitley, cos he bloody well did and had the assembled crowd in stitches with a performance that captivated, entertained and tickled… and the he brought out the trombone! Wooft!

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Up next the marvelous magician in residence Aziz, wowed the crowd with some truly outstanding slight of hand magic. So smart and polished was his performance that one of the entralled viewers demended to know if the disapearing doves had made it back stage ok… they had by the way!

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So just how do you top a night of magic and comedy? Full marks if your first thought was burlesque (at a Yelp event?!) as performance group French Charm from the Academy of Burlesque and Cabaret took to the floor in a comedy cabaret Can-can which offered tickles and titilattion to Scott F… oh and everyone else enjoyed it to!

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Hats off and a round of appaluse to all the acts! Special thanks for the evening must go out to Judith Bowers, who is the driving force behind the refurbishent of the BP, as well as being an awesome MC on the night… I've heard she can fair belt out a tune as well! Please keep your eyes peeled for any up coming events at the venue and lets make this hidded gem reappear on the Glasgow radar!

Last words? Once again, the minnions made sure that a great bunch of yelpers and special guests were welcomed and watered throughout the evening. Big thanks then to Jamie the Magnificent and Jessie Wonder Child, as well as Annie the Recylcer and Kevin 'The Boss' L

Finally, last but by no means least if you like 'em photos, then send some love over to Mr Alisdair W who dangled from the rafters, swung from the balconies and crawled between the legs of the burlesque act (above and beyond the calll of duty) to snap the snaps and tell the story of the night. 

Blast was had. Let's do it again.

Chris D