Four Score and 20 Million Reviews Ago

When Russ Simmons and I first founded Yelp seven years ago, our goal was to become the most useful online review guide in San Francisco. If we achieved that and only that, then in our eyes, we had succeeded. We could have never imagined that someday, not only would we be the most useful online review guide in San Francisco, but we’d have millions of users from all over the world relying on Yelp!

From day one we’ve remained vigilant on ensuring that the quality of content on Yelp is top notch and that very approach has led to 53 million unique users relying on us each month — whether it’s to find a hot dog vendor in London, eyelash extensions in New York or The Bronze Fonz in Milwaukee.

Today, we’re celebrating our 20 millionth Yelp review and we wanted to thank all the people who touch the site — from users to business owners to our Yelp employees — who helped get us here!

To celebrate this milestone, as well as many others that have happened over the course of our 7 years, one of our insanely talented interns developed the below infographic: The United States of Yelp. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did making it!