Dublin Elites Cocktail Masterclass At Lafayette!

Did you know that when you shake that cocktail maker you are betraying your sex face? So with that in mind we got to see the intimate side of the Dublin Yelpers… They brought their mmm bedroom face to behind the bar as they mastered the art of mixology for the night!


Downstairs was where all the action was at. Pumping beats, neon lights, Marbella glamour is what Sanctuary nightclub (part of Layfayette) is all about! The Yelpers mingled with their beer and wine before they were taken in groups to learn how to make two different types of cocktails and then the simple part – drink them!


Glaswegian cocktail making maestro, Jordan, first taught the thirsty crowd how to make a great mojito and then one by one they got behind the bar to exercise the lesson. Yelpers were in awe of their fellow Yelpers wrist action. They mixed that mint like their lives depended on it.


Round 2! Lafayette's signature cocktail, The Refresh Martini. A vibrant cocktail that will awaken the laziest of palates, taking fresh mint, citrus and apple juice, add apricot & pear liqueur, fresh mint, a splash of Absolut Citron and sugar syrup shake and strain into a chilled Martini Glass, finished with lemon zest. And most importantly put all that yummy stuff in your tummy like the Yelpers did!


Big thank you to Barry for being so great at helping set this event up. To Martin for keeping the bar stocked and moving. To Jordan for showing us his sex face and keeping the masses entertained with his cocktail teaching skills!


Last but not least thank you! Yes thank you Yelpers for coming out to party and we hope that you put the Yelp shot glasses to good use! Read and review the event here! Gossip about it all on talk here! Check out the hot photos by the talented Claire Nash here! Till next month see you on Yelp and keep on rockin' & rollin' and shakin' & makin'!

All my best,

Annie L