Business Owners: Are You Curious About Yelp Deals?

It’s no secret that we have been running Yelp Deals for nearly a year. Today's latest version of Yelp Deals was inspired by comments we heard from businesses who were using “Special offers and Announcements” and wanted a better way to attract new Yelp customers. In a nutshell:

  • Almost any business owner can create and upload a Deal
  • When a customer buys your Deal, you get paid
  • Customers walk into your business to redeem your Deal and then it’s showtime!

Now that Yelp Deals are available to most business owners, the old “Special offers and Announcements” will be phasing out over the next month. We recently updated our Business Support Center with a helpful FAQ that answers all of your burning questions about Yelp Deals.  

As with most things, this is an evolution not a revolution. We’ll continue to fine tune our tools and offerings for business owners as we receive feedback, so let’s hear it! Email us ( to let us know what you think.