Boston Elites Set Sail on the Extreme Love Boat!

Under Friday's blue skies and radiant beams, the Boston harbor flooded… with sea-faring yelpers! More than 150 Elites and guests donned dapper deck shoes and popped those Polos aboard the Spirit of Boston for a work-skipping afternoon of sun, sailing and summery surprises.

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Yelpers swarmed their private deck and were free to explore the rest of the boat as the Captain shoved off from the Seaport dock. We scoffed at hunger pangs as the Spirit kitchen served up a seriously gourmet lunch buffet, including herb roasted chicken, Mediterranean salmon, apricot glazed pork tenderloin, garlic mashed potatoes and a bushel of steamed and sauteed vegetables. Perfect eats for on-the-water views of the Extreme Sailing Series, a global tour de force of the world's best sailing teams racing an international regatta of epic and destructive proportions!

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Bellies plumped and sport observed, yelpers sipped ice cold Coruba cocktails featuring their spin on everyone's summertime favorite, the Dark and Cloudy, as well as a refreshingly boozy Mango Iced Tea and something called… the Dawn? It's "sweet with a kick (much like the lady herself)," so says Johnna M. The sudsy bunch slugged Sam Adams varietals, while those opting to keep their electrolytes tip-top cooled off with a cornucopia of coconut waters from Vita Coco. And boy did we need them! DJ Bob spun the freshest booty beats and, of course, a little conga/limbo muzak! It is a cruise, folks.

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Speaking of cruisey kitsch! The lovely ladies of Rumors Salon feathered up the locks of our esteemed guests and couples were invited to play a rousing round of Coconut Smoochie (two bodies, one coconut, no hands) for fame and prizes, including future jaunts aboard the Spirit of Boston, Coruba beach chairs and Rumors certs to get they hair did. Yeeargh!

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Tatsu has the visuals on lock down and the great reviews are flowing like clear Caribbean waters. Curious about Coconut Smoochie? Hop on Talk and get the deets. Or just come to the next one – we'd love to see you!

The Cap'n and his Crunchberries,


Damien, Jill and Coco (Megan and Joey, too!)