A Kombucha Kegger To Remember!

Crazy thunderstorms and obscene heat for early summer didn't stop Brooklyn yelpers from coming out for [what we're claiming is] the world's first Kombucha Kegger!

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The sky may have opened up outside immediately before (and during), but once we all made it inside the clean, spartan digs at Hosh Yoga, we were warm and dry. The near 100 degree heat of the day didn't dissipate right away, but with Yelp fans available, everyone kept cool as they chowed down on wonderful wraps provided by nearby neighborhood favorite, Lite Bites. The diner with the damn good service offered up a pretty platter of turkey, tuna, smoked salmon and more.

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And of course, our Kombucha Kegger wouldn't have lived up to the name without the tasty fermented tea, courtesy of Bad Ass Organics. A locavore's dream, BAO's fresh kombucha is packed with vitamins, enzymes and digestion-aiding probiotic cultures that provide a natural energy boost in a low calorie beverage. No keg stands were caught on camera, but that doesn't mean they didn't happen.

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It might not have been our typical event, but it was certainly a welcome respite from the hectic heat outside. A huge thanks goes out to the Hosh Yoga staff (especially Hamid, Becca and Yuuki) for welcoming us into their place and showing us what the pay-what-you-like yoga studio is all about (clearly, hanging out and having fun). Whether or not you made it out, be sure to check out the pictures and the reviews! Have a great weekend, and we'll catch you on the flip side…

Peter D and the NYC Yelp Team