Yelp Sacramento Gets Its Groove On!

Yelp Sacramento Elites and their +1's had candy in their heels on Saturday evening at the groovin' Soul Kitchen Shakedown. Culminating in a dance floor that would have made any Soul Train afficienado weep tears of joy, the event was an homage to the wildest soul culture moments of the 1970's. The whole shindig went down at House Kitchen & Bar, quite possibly the funkiest location north of the State Capitol.
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Our gracious hosts provided era-inspired alcoholic beverages (fuzzy navels and raspberry ice picks) and a generous spread of comfort foods, including breads and spinach dip, polenta style cornmeal treats, mac n' cheese, BBQ sliders, and a tasty and spicy meatloaf with mashed potatoes. The bartenders stayed true to the theme by donning afros of their own. 
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The evening culminated in a smokin' Soul Train line and a yelper-led, full floor version of "The Hustle!" Wearing wild costumes, Elites showed they really know how to "get on the good foot." Proclaimed Leah B, "I felt right at home in my afro, funky dress, and shiny black boots." The affair was captured in amazing photos from Minh Nguyen of Disco Modjo Photography. As Michelangelo S put it, "the best Yelp dance party I've been to yet!"
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Yelpers with the best costumes, dances and afros won prizes including the complete first season of Starsky & Hutch, a Mr. Bill doll from the early days of Saturday Night Live, a Magic 8 Ball and plenty of pairs of tickets to the 9th Annual Celebrity Chef Challenge and Movies On a Big Screen.
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Indeed, the funk was flying and the booties were bouncing, but with classic vinyl soul spun by DJ's Blaze & Lefty, how could you NOT want to get down? It was like Don Cornilius himself was watching over us!
Love, Peace and Soooooouuuullll!

Alex L
Yelp Sacramento Community Manager