Ninja’s Unite Elite Party At Suika!

Warriors of the night (aka Yelp Elites) ambushed Suika, Vancouver’s newest Izakaya, for a Japanese-themed evening of fun. With a lineup down the block, guests entered in style, rocking harajuku costumes, geisha-wear and stealthy ninja suits.
Cups overflowed with Sapporo beer and ginger cocktails made with Schramm premium vodka (100% organic and made at their Pemberton distillery) kept whistles wet. That's Life Gourmet served two oh-so-sippable sakes at their salacious tasting stationKagatobi Gokkan Junmai Wind Water Man Junmai. Mmmm…13
Kung Fu-approved activites kept the crowd busy with a ninja headband making area (complete with DIY Kanji characters), weapons of not-so-mass destruction (daggers, nunchucks, throwing stars, etc.), fortune teller "Hattori Hanzo" and old-school Mortal Kombat on the small screen. On the big screen: our live twitter wall—#YelpSuika trended nationally!
With lightning-flash talent the whole adventure was captured by JBSP Photography and ninja-fied Van Eats Media (party video coming soon—here's their tasty video of Suika). Huge high fives to them for adding their mad photo and bostaff skills to the event! Wanna see more photos? Check out our Flickr album!8Suika's space is a work of art. With ingeniously inspired touches by manager Makoto (aka banana man) and the owner, they cleverly and decoratively hid over 10,000 chopsticks on the wall along with Japanese calculators and other artifacts. The brightly coloured panel on the wall is actually a piece that they created wrapping kimonos around wood! The bar is covered with mahjong tiles—all glued by hand by Makoto (he spent a solid week gluing those things!). The result is a gorgeous space that we yelpers have declared home. This ain't no ordinary izakaya, Shinobis!
And Suika's food…can you say mouthwateringly amazing? From candied pork belly to tomato kimchi, smoked tuna tataki, sockeye salmon, ebimayo, deep fried chicken, pressed sushi, udon noodles, matcha brulee (the list goes on) we were fed until we looked less like samurais and more like sumo’s.1112The staff were ultimate masters of service. Many of them came in on their day off to help and donated all of their tips to the Japan Red Cross. Stealthily swathed in stellar costumes they were a sight to behold and absolutely fall in love with! We can’t wait to come back and see you, Suika!
Shout outs go to our heroes in a half shell and harajuku princess who won coveted Sukis gift certificates. They sure did it up—and it’s not easy being green. A radical red ninja action figure went to self-proclaimed "Fat Chuck Norris" and birthday boy Garth C! 7
It was a fantastically fun evening To read about what the Elites had to say, check out the Yelp reviews here (or better yet, add your own!).

Thanks all for coming out and being Yelp’s awesomest ambassadors!


Until next time, cowabunga dudes!

Cyndi H

Ginger Ninja & Yelp Vancouver Community Manager