Kansas City Has Spring Fever!

It's been a long, snowy winter in Kansas City, so we say bring it on, Springtime! Sunday's Elite event at Tannin Wine Bar and Kitchen couldn't come soon enough, as far as we're concerned.

When the weather is getting warmer, where do Yelp Elites' heads turn? Why, to wining, dining and poetry (in the form of F/U/C reviews, of course), what else? This event had all of that in droves!

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We enjoyed complimentary sangria, wines from Ken Forrester Chenin Blanc and Colosi Sicilia Rosso and Boulevard Wheat & Pale Ales. Incredible is an understatement when it comes to describing the delicious and unique food, compliments of the chef (who also tried out several mind-blowing items that are not currently on the menu). There was ahi tuna wonton chips with guacamole, mini caprese salads on toothpicks, foie gras & mushroom puff pastry, sushi rolls, lobster corndogs, poached eggs in the shell with savory whipped cream, endive leaves with goat cheese, gazpacho shooters, chicken satay, plus platter upon platter of cheeses, breads, fruit and charcuterie. And that's not even all.

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Check out the chef's creative take on steak and eggs (the photo below does this dish more justice than words ever can!) Reed N sagely suggests, "Can we make Tannin the official Yelp Elite event site?" We know that's not the Spring Fever talkin'!

SpringFever15 SpringFevervino SpringFeverPoetry4

For dessert (there was room for dessert?) mini molten lava chocolate cakes, peanut butter cookies straight out of the oven and chocolate mousse. No worries, folks, there's still time before bathing suit season.

The weather even cooperated, so that we could sit outside and socialize on Tannin's fabulous patio. Elites were a-mingling! Take it from new Elite, Alicia R, "This was an amazing afternoon with an amazing group of people."

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Endless thanks to Laura and the entire fanastic crew at Tannin Wine Bar and Kitchen for giving us such a lovely way to spend a Sunday!

Are you so smitten now with spring fever? Go read the reviews, check out more pix by Monica Cole on the flickr page. Now go fly a kite or something fancy, cuz Spring is finally here! And of course, SYOY!


Joi B

Yelp Kansas City Community Manager