Going NATIONAL with Yelp Deals

Forever young ad

Today we break the Yelp mold and pull back from offering city-specific Yelp Deals to bring you our first national deal!* We’re pretty excited to share this with you for two reasons. First, this is an innovative and bold new channel that businesses can leverage to deepen engagement with highly targeted consumers – consumers who will in turn, write reviews of their real first hand experiences. 

More importantly, we’re keepin’ it YELPY for our users. Our ability to tap into and target local consumers by interest (in this case puppy lovers), anywhere across the US, means that we are able to provide our users with the most compelling and relevant deals from businesses that are highly rated on Yelp. Now that’s a win-win if we ever smelled one.

For our first national Yelp Deal we searched high and low to find a deal YELPY enough. Trust us, it wasn’t easy. We are thrilled to present you with an amazing bargain from Forever Young – the five-star puppy rental service. Here’s a screen shot, click on it if you want to get in on the puppy love.

Forever young deal screenshot

Rent a New Puppy Every Month From Forever Young

 *April Fools Day!