Boston Elites Get A First Taste of Temazcal Tequila Cantina

How did you spend your Tuesday night? If it was watching re-runs of CSI: Miami over a blue box of Mac and Cheese while your dog barked at an empty corner, then, well, that's cool. But if it was on a harborside patio, sipping sangria and snacking on succulent quail or roast suckling pig, while swaying those hips to the sweet sounds of salsa and ogling a piñata named Nipper, then you were probably partying with us.

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Two-time James Beard winner Todd Hall opened the doors of Boston's newest upscale Mexican resto, Temazcal Tequila Cantina, for an exclusive sneak peek at the space and, of course, the very first taste of his drool-worthy menu. Over 100 yelpers swarmed to spy the Seaport "house of heat," boasting authentic Mexican cuisine and a full bar pouring more than 300 tequilas.

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The Temazcal kitchen treated the group to wave after wave of incredible edibles, including fresh prickly pear cactus, cherimoyas, jicama and assorted fruits, chorizo stuffed quail, bacon wrapped prawns, filet chipotle on homemade tortas, tacos carnitas and an entire roasted swine that has Clara L asking "Anyone up to returning to order a suckling pig?"! Yelpers washed down the savory bites with a bevy of draft beers, house wine, casita margaritas powered by Herradura Tequila and refreshing drink that has converted Daniel M: "I do not consider myself a sangria person but this may have changed me…"

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Maybe Mother Nature was looking to make up for a long winter. Whatever the reason, the rain held off, allowing for the window wall along the harbor patio to be opened for beautiful views of the city skyline and a prom photo opp or thirty. Lively sounds provided by the Camelia Latin Jazz Trio kept the feet moving straight through dessert: an array of roasted corn cheese cakes, luscious fruit tarts and creamy coconut cups.

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As an added bonus, Anthony R and Maureen H of Second Glass were on hand to give out a pair of tickets to Wine Riot (Jeremy K wins!), while we raffled off VIP passes to the Minds Matter Spring Soiree (Andrew R!) and our little baby-booze-bottle filled mascot, Nipper the Piñata (who, subsequenty, became Pepito under new owner, Shaina P).

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Resident photogenius Tatsu I snapped the amazing shots seen here, and our Elite guests are still comparing their food comas on Talk. If what's being said in the reviews is any indication, you may want to wait in line now for the public opening now – the spot is hot!

That'll do Pig,


Damien S