Yelp Nashville Elites Have Swagger!

How fabulous is it to be Elite in Nashville? Pretty dang fabulous!Nashville Elites enjoyed three (yes, three!) exclusive events this week to jumpstart an exciting upcoming Spring season in Music City.

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To avoid a case of the "Monday's", a proper Nashville Elite Event:Lunch at 1808 Grille kicked off the festivites as 10 Elites were treated to their first impeccable experience with this fantastic dining establishment. Marilee S adored the sleek and contemporary decor that had a tinge of a "LA feel, but with all the white stoneware displayed, there's a classic edge to it. White table clothes and napkins, soft banquets and comfortable chairs complete the look. High ceilings offer lots of natural light from two sides." Meanwhile foodie Robert S gave major props for his meal, "sublime with seasonal veggies and taste combinations that worked very well.  I had the meat and three which was totally unique, and I would eat it again, except I think I need to try the Masa Cake that everyone else had!"


On Tuesday evening, a very gracious 1808 Grille upped the swank factor at our Yelp's Got Swagger cocktail party by greeting us with delicious selections from their impressive wine list and top notch adult beverages. Sarah P couldn't help but appreciate that the "libations were flowing from every corner and let me just take a minute to acknowledge the servers who were on top of our group ensuring everyone had a cocktail and food!" If you were seeking the mini crabcakes and came up empty handed, a guilty Steph H admits, "the food was truly scrumptious–I'm sorry if no one else got to eat the mini crabcakes, because I practically inhaled them whenever they were set down (and I normally don't like crabcakes)!"

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I always love to throw a curve ball to my beloved Nashville Elites, so they were treated to opening night tickets to see Tony Award winning musical In The Heights at the Tennessee Performing Arts Center immediately after our shindig! Aaron F relished in his experience,"The TPAC is a beautiful venue and we sat in the orchestra with prime seats!" There was not a bad seat in the house! Newly minted Elite Jess Y sums up the perfromance like best, "the story was raw, it demonstrated the cultural battles of Latin American immigrants, the realities of poverty like theft, vandalism, power outages, the struggle for the "American Dream", and of course, the heat of romance." Who's ready to go see it again?


Major thanks to the 1808 Grille staff and especially to General Manager Matt Buttel for offering us such a top notch experience. Bravo to Marya K Peters of Allied Live and TPAC's Marketing Director Mandy Dies for letting us be a part of such a smashing performance! We also can't forget Kristin Wells who captured this delightful evening on lens!

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What's next for Yelp Nashville? You'll just have to see…


Marcia M

Yelp Nashville Community Manager